My Prized Possessions–A collector’s guide!

So here I’m again, writing about my world.

While thinking about what to write I just saw a box(full of coins) here lying on my table and now I’m writing (and hopefully suggesting you guys) about my collections.

As a kid, I used to collect every silly thing that I came across. Then while growing up, I read it somewhere that when we collect anything, it has got a deep connection with our unconscious mind. When we look at the things we collected, we just go back to the time and its a way of escape from our present-day ramblings, that depress us all.

Pretty inspiring, isn’t it?

So,  here is a list of things that I have collected over the years.

I have been collecting them for a very long time. I never knew why one collects them or that the hobby has got a name. Neither I wanted to be a pioneer in the neighbourhood’s Philatelic society(that’s what they call it I guess), I collected them because my mom once told me that his brother,i.e., my uncle used to collect them and she loved looking at it. So my adventure began. I collected stamps from everyone, everywhere. Then came the question of how should I keep them, I thought the traditional way of maintaining an album was just not for me, so I asked my uncle and he told me to paste them on A4 sized sheets, one for each country.  Li’l did I know that he was just pulling the leg of this nine-year-old. I pasted them and then realized I have actually ruined them, big time!

Anyway, I still have them like that, pasted and love to see them.  Each stamp in my collection has a different story. I’m a proud owner of stamps from almost all nations in the world. The most loved is the one which belongs to England, the year 1993 and has the cartoon depiction of the Christmas carol.
Yeah, I have got all most all the stamps of India, all the series, and I love them.

I love reading, and have got loads of books.
From Harry Potters to all the Dan Browns, from the originals By Saki to the originals by O.Henry, I have got them all. More inclined towards the fictions though, I have got some autobiographies(You see they help to write you well when it comes to writing about “your goals”, “your role model” and things like that for interviews and all.) I have got this one book by P.G. Wodehouse, which I bought ages ago and have never been able to read it. Again, the same uncle of mine suggested me that book, and all I achieved till date is 8 pages of the boring thing. I really have a grudge against this uncle of mine!

And yes, all the Secret Sevens and Famous Five that encouraged and my friends to form our own secret group–the good for nothing group.

Proudly, I say, I have got the currency and coins of 74 nations.
This a result of my “authoritative” announcement when I was 8–“I have started a coin collection and want coins for it “.

Therefore, whenever anyone went anywhere, I got the coins.
And I have got loads of Indian coins, old and new, from the British empire till the present day, collected by going to everyone’s grand-parents I know. The oldest coin dates back to the 17th century. Though I know you get to buy these coins from Connaught Place it is an altogether a different feeling when you toil for them.

And yes my Di’s boyfriend-turned-husband helped a lot with my collection.


They are the mementoes of anywhere I go, I just buy the unique key-ring that I can find.

I have got hundreds of them, my favourite the one that someone got me from New Zealand. It is a beautiful li’l pink jar with loads of pink shells in it, a rare one.


One thing that I still continue to collect. I have erasers of all shapes, sizes and colour. I have got almost everything made up of this useful polymer. I collected them as I was a kid and now I collect them from my kid cousins. I have got a li’l cousin of mine who once came to my house for her summer vacations, and came across this collection of mine and later when she went back. A few days later when my dad went to drop her at her place she sent around 20 different erasers with him and later that day called up and said: “probably their beauty will be lost if I use them”. Cute.

My mum hates it because I keep my collection in the refrigerator, you see Dilli ki garmi makes them all sticky and she feels that these boxes take up a lot of space in there!

From our own Chacha Chaudhary to the young journo Tintin, they were a part of my growing up process. Loved reading them all- Billu, Pinki, tinkle etc. And Calvin and Hobbes, the only person whose philosophy works for me. I just flip through their pages when I’m free-reminds me of the good old days. One bookshelf full of them and I wish this grows every year. Every book reminds me of some good or bad times, like this Champak which my sister got me when I was in the hospital to read me stories to put me to sleep or the Laurel and Hardy which she bought because I tore my Didi’s some other comic or the fight that I had with my cousin over the Tintin. Most of the comics, or rather all of them belongs to my sister but they mean a lot to me.

Well, these are the six most beautiful collection of mine. I love them and they are my real prized possessions.

P.S.1)My mum is eagerly waiting for me to go to the hostel or something so that she can get rid of my possessions. So please pour in with some nice emotional blackmails!

2)My Di, who is in Punjab at present to meet her extended in law’s family called me today telling me that she saw some beautiful eraser and unique keyrings. So she has bought them for me. Bless her.

3)An all-girls thing- I have got a huge collection of hair clips to match with all the dresses I have.  Sometimes I buy dresses to match with hair clips.

4)As a kid, I used to collect different stickers and I still treasure them.

5)A few years back there was this craze among all the kids to collect tazo(Something that used to come in the potato chips bag). I have got hundreds of them! Some of them even glow in the dark.

6)Bus tickets–I collected them too – from many Indian states.

7)The collector’s guide says – try collecting all these. they are fun.

Disclaimer: The photographs show only a part of the collections. Pictures were taken by an amateur photographer. Please forgive the bad lighting!

  1. first time here through the introduction game on WL. Nice blog and i loved this post. Old collections invoke strong nostalgia and memories 🙂

  2. I used to collect Match Boxes and Bus/Train/Airline tickets too…

    Some old thoughts!!

    Thanks for putting this up 🙂

    You have got a nice blog Rose… khuuuuuuuuuub bhaaaaaaaalo 🙂

  3. Thank you thank you everyone!!
    I knew I’ll make a big name because of my collections one day 😀
    Thanks for liking them…:)

  4. only thing I rem collecting early on was Trump cards, u knw they had these WWE wrestlers profiles n stuff:D
    off late, am turning into an avid movie collector…plus books have always been a passion:)

    love the erasers…awesome collection u hv it seems 4m the looks of it!!!

  5. gr8… Dimpi.. I am proud of my sister,… you have really got some amazing skills…..

    I want to see all your collection next when I ll visit ur place.. 🙂

    P.S…I used to collect comics,key rings but now lost interest

  6. there something u havent collected…???
    I’ve seen collectors of stamps books..etc…
    but u r the first i’ve come across who collects erasers…

    I’ve never been a collector of anything…except more than 200 of em…dunno whether they count… 🙂

  7. i was never a collector untill some years back wen i started collecting bangles !! m crazy for them n gladly i get them as gifts very often frm my frnds 🙂

  8. whoa!!! i share the same for the first two points…but you beat me hands down after that…lol
    will empty beer bottles count as collection too???lol

    P.S| y don't we create a series too in scribblings>>?? think of sumthn ok… n yea we need followers

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