My Mother’s Day!!

The first thing to clarify–I’m not writing anything about Mother’s day which is on this Sunday. I’m totally against all these days that are being celebrated like the friendship’s day, Valentine’s day and I-don’t-know-what day. Although my views are poles apart from what Ram Sena, Shiv Sena etc, I really feel that I don’t need a special day to make my friends, my mom, my dad, my sis or my love to tell that how special they are. (I used “I” because I don’t intend to be offensive towards the people who celebrate these days. Guys, I respect your reasons!)

This post is solely dedicated to my mom because of its her birthday today! Happy birthday Ma:)(Okay, I know she’s not going to read this blog by any chance, but I’m just letting the world know how much I love her!)

Well, I love my Ma(that’s what I call her). She has been my strength all these years. Though she’s the first one to criticize all the things that I do(well this is what they are for, making us face the truth), she is also the first one to shower loads of love when I’m in blue. She knows it when I’m sad, or when I’m happy. I love her gesture when she just suddenly comes into my room (yeah, she can do it anytime she likes because my room is devoid of doors, so I can’t lock it anyway!), hugs me and kisses me on my cheeks. No matter how old I grow, I know she’ll never stop doing this. And since my sis has left for her new home, somewhere around three months back, I have been closer to my mum. We spent much time together chatting and doing various things.

I realized it in the past year, when I was actually doing nothing but sitting at home and studying, that how monotonous my mom’s life is. All she had to do was to sit at home, cook and wait for dad, me and my sister to return home. Since the past one year, she says she doesn’t get bored as I’m at home, full time, and she knows she can come anytime and have a chit chat(It’s not false when guys scream that women talk a lot, yes we do. In fact, we love talking!)

My mother runs after me every day, to make me eat green and healthy food, which I hate. And there’s no way I can escape, she has tagged each day of the week with one green vegetable. I hate eating them, and my mum keeps telling everyone single person she meets–“Ye ladki muje bohot satati hai, kuch nai khati”.

I love you Ma.

  1. made me miss the clothes stitched by mom.. she no longer does it coz of her health ! but guess it was her love that makes those simple clothes ever more special 🙂

  2. nice post again… give my belated b’day wishes mashi.. and the things you have written are very real and true.. 🙂

  3. @Tan
    Ya they are:)
    Happy mother’s day:)

    Thanks for your wishes…::
    Well I’m 18…and the reason my room still hasni’t got doors is that I like my room airy…it has got life size windows on all the other three walls too:D
    And thanks for reading and loving my blog, and do read the whole of it when you get time…m an amateur writer, need our encouragement:P:)

    Ya sure…you’re most welcome:)
    If you like bengoli food, then you will love my mum’s cooking:)
    And do inform me when you are coming, will tell you wats cooked on which day…:P:P

  4. Got confused with the title…but u were clear ‘MY’ mothers day…
    I wish her a happy b’day…
    well u r what 18 /20?? ur room still hasn’t got doors..???

    P.S-loved ur blog..havent read it fully..keep writing…ciao..

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