Live from the polling booth!

Finally, its 7th may. The 4th phase of the Lok Sabha elections.
Few months after turning 18 and being given the “universal adult franchise”( read about this term in 7th standard in civics book), I today accessed my “right to vote”. I was just so excited a few days ago about doing this thing, and believe me, the excitement hasn’t died yet.
So, around 6;45 am, I got a wake-up call from my mum. It was almost 4 hrs early. Then suddenly I remembered its the v-day and I have to go to the polling booth to cast my vote, but this thought didn’t make any difference to my lazy bones. Then suddenly she calls and says “No need to take a bath before going, now will you get up?”
I can feel the anger and but obviously what can be better than this privilege(trust me, I hate taking a bath, and that too at this time of the day…no, sorry!). I got up, got dressed and if you are wondering why I opted to go there so early, then my dad had to go to his clinic after doing this job, so we all decided to go together. My dad, mom, di(who specially came from her house to cast her vote. Such a responsible citizen, I tell you) and me, all four of us walked towards the MCD primary school, where the ritual was to be done. As we approached there, we saw two large tables, placed at few feet from each other, and people from two major political parties sitting there, telling all the voter to “upar se teesre chinh pe nishan lagana” and so on.

We went inside, we were the only one there to vote at that time. Dad went inside first, I was, I don’t know why, but a bit nervous. My dad came out with his inked finger. My mum went in. Meanwhile, my di told me to rub the ink when the person applies it, so it won’t leave a mark.

As my mom came out of the booth, I entered. An uncle with a warm smile welcomed me, asked for the voter’s slip. He was probably aware that I’m a first-time voter, and he just said “beta ghabrao mat“. He checked my id card, then send me to another guy who cross-checked it, and then I was directed to a very dangerous looking lady, who couldn’t find my name on the list with her. Thanks to another man sitting beside her, she located my name. Then I went to 2 old uncles sitting with the ink. One of them checked my id card again, and the other one put the mark. And I don’t know why but I followed my sister’s advice! The mark didn’t go, and now it looks even worse, brown and covering the whole of the nail and nail bed!

Anyway, then I entered the rickety enclosure of cardboard where three EVMs were kept. Imagine 41 candidates from just a single constituency! So 3 EVM’s were expected, one EVM can accommodate only 16 candidate’s name. I was searching for the person’s party symbol for him I was supposed to vote( yes I had to look for the symbol, because I couldn’t read the name, forgot my specs at home). I went through all the symbols but couldn’t find him, I panicked and just hoped I don’t have to shout and asked the volunteers sitting there because this thought struck me immediately!

But then I saw the symbol on the top, just so nervous to look for it.I pressed the button, a long beep followed and I had finally done the thing for which I have been waiting for so long ( last night me and my friend, who’s still not an adult, did a happy dance for I was going to vote.).
Then my sis went in and cast her vote. We headed back home, telling other people who met us to vote for sure.

Nice experience. I’m happy I did my part 🙂

Till the next time!

P.S. 1) If you are reading this, and at a place where the 4th phase of the election is taking place and it’s still not 5 pm yet, please go and vote.
2) I have got the ink mark on my index finger, and Bikanerwala is offering a 15 pc off, so I ‘ll be out today evening for a family dinner.
3) Though I wanted to enjoy the discounts on other shopping items, I’ll have to suppress this “inner urge of this shopaholic”, because its exam times, so I have to study. Shopping(without discount though..) can wait.


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