A first time voters’ mind

Guess what is around the corner? I ‘ll give you some hints – It comes every five years. You get to see those people again on roads who are for the last five years “under-cover”. And, for the next five years you blame them for all the bad things happening in the country, let it be terrorism or the melt-down or the inflation.And bingo, you got it right! It’s the Lok Sabha elections.

I can proudly say that we are having the golden triangle in this era- Mr Manmohan Singh, Mr P Chindambaram and Mr M.S. Ahluwalia, the great economists who strongly “can change” India!
At least these people think something about the country, unlike their rival parties which virtually have the uneducated leaders, who do nothing but accuse the other parties and make some stupid promises!Hats – off to the Jaago-Re campaign which extended its wings and dragged more influential people to promote the practice of casting the votes.

Finally, don’t let the stupid promises of no terrorism and no meltdown affect your vote. Believe me, a political party can’t help much in terrorism and meltdown, the security will be the same and the meltdown didn’t strike India as worse as it did to some other nations!

Go vote this 7th and then enjoy the off day!

P.s.1) Go and read the Hindustan Times dated 19th April 2009 page 10, if you can.
2)Read http://abhishekbrave.blogspot.com/, the post titled “elections”.

  1. hmm..well said about the golden triangle…:)
    and yes the voting procedure is lot difficult but unfortunately we cannot do anything about it.. 🙁

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